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Non-Traditional Students

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Nontraditional Students

“Being Different Makes the Difference”

The South Pike Career & Technical Center encourages nontraditional students.  I guess you are thinking, “nontraditional students”, yes “nontraditional students”!  Let me give you an example, when you think of welding, construction, management and agricultural you immediately think of males. A nontraditional student is a student that is enrolled in a class that is usually stereotyped for males or females.  As well, For example, males who are enrolled in childcare or health science classes.  Why?  The classes are traditional for female students.  Our motive is to get you out of your comfort zone, so you can reach your full potential in any aspect of the South Pike Career and Technical Center programs.  Now, let’s enroll today as a nontraditional student. You can discuss your options with your parents and inform your high school counselor to enroll you as a nontraditional student!


Erica Jordan

Student Services Coordinator



Barriers and Issues of Non Traditional Careers

Many influences occur in the socialization process that serve to limit choices about career options and abilities:

• Lack of information about nontraditional careers and new and emerging technologies career choices

• Gender, race and ethnic biases in assessment, testing and counseling

• Lack of proper academic preparation

• Sexual harassment and discrimination in training, job search and on the job

• Lack of role models in nontraditional careers

• Lack of support and encouragement to pursue nontraditional careers

• Unrealistic expectations and perceptions about jobs

• Limited perceptions of self as wage earner

• Math and technical anxiety

• Lack of self-confidence

• Fear of stereotypes about women in nontraditional jobs

• Lack of life experiences


Examples of Non Traditional Careers

For Women

For Men


Automotive Technology

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Construction and Trades

Welding Technology

Computer Installation and Repair


Fire Science Technology

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Law Enforcement

Head Cook/Chef

Printing Press Operation

Engineering Technology

Hospital Administration

Manufacturing Technology

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

 Accounting Technology


 Dental Hygiene

 Child Care

 Dental Assistant

 Fashion Merchandising and Design

 Executive/Administrative Assistant

 Teacher’s Assistant

 Medical Lab Technology

 Office Supervision

 Social Work

 Nurse or Nurse Assistant

 Interior Design

 Travel and Tourism

 Early Childcare Educator/Teacher’s Aide


 Legal Assistant/Paralegal Professional



Non Traditional




Gender Equity: Providing all persons with the full range of opportunities and benefits, no matter their gender.

Gender Bias: Behaviors that result when we stereotype people on the basis of gender.

Gender Discrimination: Any action that limits or prohibits equal opportunities, privileges or rewards because of gender.

Gender Role Stereotyping: Assuming that men and women have certain interests, abilities, values and characteristics based upon gender.

Nontraditional Career: A nontraditional career is one in which 25 percent or less of a certain gender is represented.


Benefits of Non Traditional Careers

• Advancement Opportunities

• Education/Training

• Flexible Work Hours

• Higher Salary

• Satisfaction in the Workplace

Women in nontraditional jobs typically earn

20%-30% more than women in traditional  jobs.

Over a lifetime, women in nontraditional occupations will earn 150% more than women in traditional occupations.

High demand and well paid nursing occupations are nontraditional for males. Today, only 7% of nurses are male.


"Guys can’t be Day Care Providers!"

"Girls are Nurses; Boys are Doctors!"

"Only Guys can be CEO’s!"

"Nice girls aren’t Welders!"

"Only Boys make good Chefs!"